What is the biggest impediment in doing business?

Why is decisiveness pivotal to business? The answer may seem obvious, but aren’t the best insights the simplest?

My biggest frustration in business is indecision. You are a business owner; focus on what is optimal for your business.

I favour #informeddecisions. Equip yourself with optimal information, but don’t forget to base a decision on that information!

There really are only three types of business decisions:

1.     Yes

2.     No

3.     I don’t know, therefore I must investigate further

Make definitive decisions.

As a business owner, you control what you focus on and how you make decisions. The best business owners take minimal time to make the best decision, and politely ignore time wasters. This important focus also eliminates “decision fatigue”.

We work towards making more right than wrong decisions. There is no secret formula. Decisions are not always based on facts, yet often on subjectivity.

You can always make more money but never make more time! And don’t waste it!