True value is created through implementation

Business opportunities

Stylequity provides business opportunities through growth and value realisation strategies. We then implement these strategies. Stylequity’s solutions include:

Family legacy

Stylequity implements a plan to sustain the wealth of business owners for multiple generations.

Stylequity removes the necessity to transfer the ownership of the business from generation to generation – resolving any consequent family tension. If required, a non-family run sustainable asset is created.

Sustainable growth

Stylequity grows businesses 3 times in value within 3 years. We optimise opportunities for growth in all aspects of private business.

Such aspects range from wealth retention and recognition structure; sales; functional scale and continuity; through to productivity; human capital planning and funding mix.

Business sale

Stylequity grows the business to maximum value in preparation for sale. We manage the sales process from term sheet to transition of business ownership.

The goal is to maximise the value (sale price) of the business. We aim to sell the business on future demonstrable growth and not historic performance. This includes promoting the business to selected potential buyers, negotiation, managing due diligence on behalf of the buyer.

Business investment 

Stylequity negotiates with the right investor who would sustain the business’ growth over time.

The goal is to maximise the business’ future growth and investment propositions targeted at the agreed-to investor. The investment plan includes promotion of investment opportunity; sourcing and selecting investors; negotiation; managing due diligence and legal tasks; and securing investment.

Business acquisition

Stylequity works with the buyer to negotiate a mutually beneficial acquisition at an ideal price.

The buyer would ideally pay a minimal price and integrate the business as quickly as possible, to hold its value. The acquisition stream includes determining deal metrics; sourcing and selecting the right agreed-to business; negotiation and managing due diligence on behalf of the buyer.

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Stylequity does not provide securities advice to or deal in securities for clients. Stylequity is a business facilitator who assists clients in their business alignments, structures or systems to optimise or improve client returns. In circumstances where a securities licence may be required for part or the whole of any engagement, Stylequity will, with the consent of its client, draw on its wide network of associations to obtain the appropriate authorisation from, or engage, a duly licensed Australian Financial Services Licensee for the required function to be carried out. Stylequity helps businesses prepare for transactions (funding, merger and acquisition or exit), the articulation and creation of funding or investment and business proposition. We understand the value range; prepare the deal structure and promotional material (financial modelling, teasers and information memoranda). We source and select the opportunity per the agreed strategic action plan. We oversee and assist the transaction; from negotiation preparation, data warehouse collation, negotiation, term sheet agreement to legal documentation, management and exchange.