“We grow businesses 3 times in 3 years!”

About us

Stylequity is a Growth and M&A Specialist. Our team identifies opportunities and turns them into profitable initiatives for select business owners. We build strong and sustainable businesses; prepare and execute business acquisitions; investments; divestments and sales. Using an incredible network of experts, we partner with owners of private businesses to fulfil their vision and surpass their objectives.

What we offer business owners

Stylequity collaborates with business owners to provide them with customised solutions to grow, sell, invest, merge or acquire successfully. These solutions focus on 3 main stages: Strategy Creation; Strategy Implementation and Deal Execution.

Here is how Stylequity tailors its Strategy creation approach:

How Stylequity implements strategy

Stylequity’s standout offering is that we implement the strategies we create for our clients. Our MAP approach is unique in a business world where accountability is not readily embraced. Stylequity takes on challenges of business growth, mergers, acquisitions and sales alongside our clients. We refine processes and surpass client expectations along the way.

Take a look at how we do it:

How Stylequity sells a business

Stylequity specialises in selling businesses when they are in their prime – a premium business at an optimal price for the business owner. What’s in it for the buyer – a quality business positioned for successful growth now and in the future.

Let us show you how:

How Stylequity builds relationships

Stylequity prides its self as to how we build relationships. Relationships, working with people and businesses of similar value sets are so important, including the ability to communicate so we can all grow as individuals and as businesses.

Let us communicate:

Our people

Our team comprises board level executives with international and local business experience, supported by select professionals and advisors.

Stylequity’s Senior team:

Bruce Bryant CEO

Bruce founded Stylequity in 2007. He has senior leadership experience across multiple industries in Australia and abroad. Business owners hail Bruce as a dynamic CEO. They believe his genuine approach helps to grow their businesses sustainably and maintain their wealth for generations to come.


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Nada Jamal Client Principal

Nada is, by nature, a Business Strategist. She works with SME business owners and leaders to develop business growth strategies. Her 25-year experience in this field is a testament to her generating tangible successful results to these strategies within several industries. Nada brings creative processes and ideas to the Stylequity work ethic. Her background in Sales, Marketing and Project Management is a formidable addition to the Stylequity team.

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