Our mission statement:

“We turn opportunities into wealth”

About us

Stylequity converts opportunities into cash for business owners by growing, recognising and retaining their business and asset wealth. We create quality business strategy and remain on hand to implement it, ensuring sustainable value for privately owned businesses and wealth for the business owner.

Our people

Our team comprises board level executives with international and local business experience, supported by select professionals and advisors.

Stylequity’s Leadership and Senior Management team:

Bruce Bryant Group CEO

Bruce’s clients describe him as a creative, strong CEO whose professionalism and genuine care for their welfare leads to sustained business growth and wealth retention.  Bruce founded Stylequity in 2007. He has international senior executive and advisory experience across multiple industries. This translates into Bruce’s profound understanding of the strategic, commercial and enterprise value drivers of business. Bruce produces creative and highly effective commercial and enterprise value solutions. His academic and professional qualifications range from marketing to corporate finance.


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Raz Chorev Principal

Raz is a Senior Marketing and Sales Executive and Head of Orange Sky http://www.orangesky.com.au, a business unit of Stylequity which outsources and hires out corporate marketers. Raz has over 20 years’ experience in Australia and abroad. Raz has held numerous board and senior executive roles, where he identified and anticipated technology and market changes to lead disruptive innovation and prepare organisations to capitalise on changes through accurate market timing, a focus on international growth, and a solid foundation of operational excellence, flexible structures and rigorous governance. He holds Marketing and Business qualifications from Wharton Business School (Pennsylvania) and Bar Ilan University (Israel).

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Sarah Wells Principal

Sarah is Head of Stylequity (Western Australia). She is an accomplished financial services, banking and debt structuring specialist. Her experience across a range of private wealth, retail and small to medium enterprise clients spans more than 20 years. Sarah has been a driving force in developing innovative business servicing models. Her work has been recognised within the financial services industry, commercial and the broader business community with several service and business excellence awards.

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Neli Bryant

Neli is Content Strategist at Stylequity. Neli’s key strength lies in content creation, management and communication. These skills have proven invaluable in her successful stakeholder negotiation; innovative content packaging; and innovating productivity workflow. Neli has broad experience in managing content solutions across print and digital platforms for leading global publishers. She innovates and applies content strategies for Stylequity across all its content platforms, ranging from internal documents to social media and the Stylequity website.


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