Prioritising client health

The three pillars of health are interdependent. Mental health, physical wellbeing and financial security go hand in hand. The importance of these health pillars is amplified now more than ever, with environmental, personal and socio-economic factors throwing lifestyle and financial plans off course.

At Stylequity, we find ourselves a part of this health journey alongside business owners. How can we provide ongoing support to our clients and their employees?

The answer presented itself during a chance meeting with Benefit3 – a champion of corporate wellbeing that empowers clients. In turn, Benefit3’s @LoriChappel and @MarisaBreytenbach partner with top solutions providers, such as @SelectWellness to provide these wellbeing services. @SelectWellness are specialists in the design and delivery of employee wellbeing programs that work.

Such wellbeing programs are built upon underlying principles:

Stylequity looks forward to working with Benefit3 and Select Wellness on improving our clients’ wellbeing!