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Old methods don’t open new doors

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The names and identities of our clients have not been disclosed due to privacy and confidentiality reasons. Here are examples of bankable outcomes of Stylequity services provided to our clients:

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Data connectivity construction group

Business Largest second tier group with a great market reputation and a national footprint. Major customers include NBN, Telstra, Optus etc. Positioned as the “New” Tier One.
Jurisdiction Australia Industry Construction, Telecom

A declining revenue over three years and breakeven in profitability incited Stylequity, along with the group’s owners, to create and implement a strategy to turnaround and grow the business profitably to $100 million turnover in 5 years. We scaled the business to meet the turnover objective, bought out two shareholders, identified a strategic investment partner, performed a merger and secured significant project funding for growth. A $38 million turnover increase took place in 18 months, with a net profit increase of $2.1 million after investment and integration, equity and mezzanine debt placement of $6 million from strategic Japanese listed conglomerate, and secured a rolling funding facility of $13.5 million. The business now generates profitable revenues of $72 million and growing.

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Manufacturing family group

Business The leading contract manufacturer within its product categories in Australia. Customers include Aldis, Woolworths, Coles etc.
Jurisdiction Australia, Central Coast NSW Industry FMCG, Manufacturing

Stylequity worked with the family and leadership team to create and implement a growth and value realisation strategy for sustainable enterprise value of the group. This included creating a scalable growth platform for sales, purchasing to manufacturing, with family constitution and group structuring, and appropriate funding mix. Within the first year the business had an approximate $4 million EBITDA and $28 million business value uplift, with placement of $28.7 million in new funds.

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Helicopter group

Business The group provided helicopter and maintenance for mining, exploration, heavy-duty work, rescue and fire services.
Jurisdiction Australia, NSW, Sydney Industry Aviation, Mining services

An important player within its niche experiencing significant challenges based on varied market conditions, a 50% top-line decline, unprofitable long-term contracts, poor business decisions, led by the impact of the global financial crisis. Stylequity implemented a workout plan to reduce the banks and creditors exposure and turnaround the business. At the end of our five-month mandate the group was restructured, a significant write-down in core debt was achieved (AUD 11 million out of AUD 19 million of total bank debt) and remaining operating business was eventually sold.

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Timber listed group

Business The listed group operates in various sectors of the timber trade and industry.
Jurisdiction South Africa, Africa, South America Industry Resources

The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 1946. Its subsidiaries operate in domestic and foreign markets. The core business of the group is saw-milling and production of products from structural timber, furniture components through to wood chips for pulp and paper. The group had approximately 93,000 hectares of certified plantations. Stylequity produced a strategic plan for the wholesale arm of the group. The new strategic format was adopted by the group. Based on the strategy developed, they expanded their footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa and made an acquisition in Chile as the first step into the South American market.

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Construction group

Business A family-owned business operating in the construction industry over the past 24 years. The business ranked within the top 30% of companies in the industry.
Jurisdiction Australia Industry Construction – earthworks, storm water drainage, pipeline and plant hire.

As a result of declining revenue and an increase in direct costs, Stylequity and the owners implemented an improvement in productivity initiative focusing on increasing daily output at reduced direct costs to the business. As a result of the initiative, the business was able to increase profitability by 147% as the owners were able to focus on growing the businesses top line as a result of a reduced internal focus capability of delivering efficiently to existing customers and the utilisation of spare capacity created to be deployed to new contracts. Cash flow in the business improved and additional equipment could be acquired to generate more capacity. A comment from one of the family owners “ In a matter of 2 hours you have given us the insight and solution to improve our business, this is more than what we have received from anyone else we have dealt with in the past.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

About Us

Stylequity is a Growth and M&A Specialist. Our team identifies opportunities and turns them into profitable initiatives for select business owners. We build strong and sustainable businesses; prepare and execute business acquisitions; investments; divestments and sales. Using an incredible network of experts, we partner with owners of private businesses to fulfil their vision and surpass their objectives.

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