Bruce Bryant

Bruce founded Stylequity in 2007. He has senior leadership experience across multiple industries in Australia and abroad. Business owners hail Bruce as a dynamic CEO. They believe his genuine approach helps to grow their businesses sustainably and maintain their wealth for generations to come.


Raz Chorev

Raz has over 20 years’ experience in Australia and abroad. He has worked with global conglomerates addressing opportunities through commercial and customer-focused methods. Raz prides himself on having real conversations that lead to beneficial outcomes for business owners.

Nada Jamal

Nada is, by nature, a Business Strategist. She works with SME business owners and leaders to develop business growth strategies. Her 25-year experience in this field is a testament to her generating tangible successful results to these strategies within several industries. Nada brings creative processes and ideas to the Stylequity work ethic. Her background in Sales, Marketing and Project Management is a formidable addition to the Stylequity team.