Optimal DIFOT – Applying Productivity

Overview:  How Stylequity is unique

Stylequity specialises in creating, retaining and recognising business wealth for all owners of medium-sized private businesses. Stylequity distinguishes itself by converting opportunities into cash for business owners.

We partner with business owners to create focused outcome-based strategy. This strategy is implemented according to a plan tailored to business owners’ specific objectives. The Stylequity differentiator is our ability to grow the business top-line profitably and increase the total enterprise value of businesses.


1. What is the purpose of our workshop?

Stylequity is often approached by business owners asking for help in improving their throughput.

When working with clients to achieve optimal DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time), Stylequity clients have indicated that business owners prioritise productivity to meet their customers’ DIFOT requirements. What they should prioritise, instead, is their business’ net margin.

Productivity initiatives do not always lead to optimal DIFOT outcomes or sustainable Net Margin. Stylequity, led by CEO and founder Bruce Bryant, will show you how to improve your Net Margin and achieve optimal DIFOT for your business and your customers.

2. How will you benefit from this workshop?

Stylequity has partnered with ANZ to deliver the workshop. You will gain valuable advice from a specialist advisory firm which prides itself in its hands-on DIFOT implementation. This is your opportunity to learn high-level holistic DIFOT methodology and apply it to your unique business. You will have the chance to ask questions and receive one-on-one feedback on how you could implement DIFOT and productivity measures successfully. Take this opportunity to meet like-minded business owners who understand how crucial optimal DIFOT is to business success.