How to create a strategy that can successfully navigate any business environment

Business owners often ask us:

“How can Stylequity adapt its strategy to the current environment?”

Stylequity creates a flexible strategy that can adapt to any change in the long-term goals of businesses.

A good strategy is a flexible strategy. 

Your strategy should constantly be realigned if one or all three change:

  1. Customer demand & needs
  2. Market environment
  3. Business requirements

We create strategy that is based on addressing the immediate opportunities and challenges and long-term identified opportunities of the business.

Stylequity’s 3A-Outcome strategy model can be amended daily, creating flexibility and empowering the business owner to grow their business.

It includes 3 phases:

  1. Assessment of key opportunities, challenges and priorities.
  2. Alignment of shareholders and business requirements and setting achievable targets.
  3. Action plan, formulation of a strategy and linked to an implementation that can be measured and monitored.

Constantly reviewing 3A-Outcome strategy and the management of the business’ strategy empowers the business to adapt and change its strategic focus.

The best way to embed a flexible strategy is in the way we mange strategy.

We find the best way is to hold monthly strategy meetings, measuring the implementation performance of the strategy.

Then as required amending the strategy and its implementation initiatives by assessing the key opportunities & priorities, to manage the immediate and meet the long-term objectives of the business.

Based on active management of strategy your strategy will be constantly aligned with the current environment, hence a flexible strategy that delivers.

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