Growing your business is all about how you manage opportunities

You are a business owner and want to grow.

The question you ask yourself constantly is, “Where am I you going to focus my intent, energy and business resources?”

The traditional management approach to manage a business is Risk Management.

But I want to ask yourself this question:

Has risk management ever grown a business? 

For you as the business owner it should be all about return on effort.

This equates to return balanced with time and resource allocation.

Most highly successful business owners who grow businesses understand that it’s all about managing opportunities.

It’s also about understanding which opportunities are real which you can you convert into loads of cash in the shortest timeframe.

The way to grow your business is to manage your opportunities (and the associated risks).

Focussing on the right opportunities is always not easy as a business owner one gets caught in the daily grind of working in the business.

But should not all business activities be focused at delivering on the best profitable cash convertible opportunities?

So as an owner growing a business re-arrange the order. Focus on the real opportunities, and then the associated risks required to manage your business to make money.

It is all about Opportunity Management.

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