Build seats on the bus, then fill them with people

Business owners often tell me that they do not have the right people for their business.

Well, that’s something I’ve heard many times!

I am not denying the importance of people as business drivers. What business owners are really stating is that their current functional structure is inadequate for growing their business. How about building the right seats on the bus and then filling them with the best available people? This is my own personal analogy. No business should depend solely on individuals. Otherwise, the business is unsustainable.

To manage the “people issue” is to address the functional continuity of your business. In doing so, you create a winning recipe for meeting the market, customer and business needs. In other words, make it less about the individuals, but focus more on the functionality of the business, and its ability to deliver.

Get this right, and you’ll soon grow your business in a structured manner so it generates sustainable returns on every business opportunity. In addition, this is a cornerstone step in addressing any succession or transition plans.

Create functional continuity to enable your business to grow and scale with time!