Prioritising client health

The three pillars of health are interdependent. Mental health, physical wellbeing and financial security go hand in hand. The importance of these health pillars is amplified now more than ever, with environmental, personal and socio-economic factors throwing lifestyle and financial plans off course. At Stylequity, we find ourselves a part of this health journey alongside […]

How do we select clients?

“You can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be everything to somebody.” Trent Shelton  Choosing an ideal client for a professional service firm isn’t an easy feat… Although many business owners see their business as unique, we, at Stylequity see the similarities of businesses, and business owners.   There are a few fundamental truths, […]

Build seats on the bus, then fill them with people

Business owners often tell me that they do not have the right people for their business. Well, that’s something I’ve heard many times! I am not denying the importance of people as business drivers. What business owners are really stating is that their current functional structure is inadequate for growing their business. How about building […]

Business Growth, a marketer’s view

Shaking off assumptions about the work of marketers can be rather challenging. Many view marketers as the Colouring-in people, painting pretty pictures and being all creative… Although I’m a marketer, I have been on the other side for quite some time, working with fast-paced entrepreneurs and business owners. More than just holding a crayon, marketers’ […]

Why do deals fail?

Where do I begin? No starting point means no deal! In business acquisition, the motivation of the buyer must align with that of the seller. Successful deals are conducted at a reasonable price within a designated timeframe. We have seen deals fail due to unrealistic time and pricing expectations or personalities. A commercial deal expert will help you negotiate a favourable outcome. […]

Focus on Human Activity for Economic Recovery

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! People drive and create economies. Businesses are created by people. Governments are elected by people and/or run by people, and together we create the societies we choose to live in. Globalisation drives our basic need for human interaction. As you read this, you are probably assessing what you genuinely need and deem important as an individual, business owner and member of society. So […]

We, the People, are the Stimulus!

To stimulate the economy, we must securely stimulate its people. True stimulus can only be driven by people.  We are in a tremendous position to envision and create what we want as a society. Sustainable business practices should be applied across our economies, and within our businesses too.   As a business owner I support the government as an active agent, not only trying to stimulate the […]

Never look a gift horse in the mouth!

We have been given a rare gift, though we may not perceive it as such. The coronavirus gives us the opportunity to change the way we do business and, more importantly, to re-introduce humanity into business.  We speak of sustainability. But what does sustainability truly include; the proper use (and re-use) and respect of all our known […]