True value is created through implementation

Business solutions

Stylequity provides business solutions through the creation of grow, fix and value realisation strategies, and taking action through implementation. Stylequity’s solutions to meet our clients’ stated objectives include:

Corporate and business advice

Stylequity manages opportunities. Businesses should constantly evolve and thus continually need an independent fresh commercial perspective. Through review, we obtain a clear understanding of the key success factors and the core competencies required to be successful in the global market environment. We provide senior executive advice, through business strategy, action plans and implementation programs to exceed clients’ objectives.

Creation of strategy and implementation

Stylequity collaborates with shareholders and the leadership team to create and articulate a focused strategy to create sustainable enterprise value. We develop fix, grow and value realisation strategies linked to a measurable action plan. The action plan will include revenue, profit, human and funding initiatives. Value realisation is when and how to recognise business value (sustainable wealth creation, wealth transfer between shareholders or family members or exit strategies).

Turnaround and corporate restructuring

We target distressed growth businesses. Businesses in distress are destroying their own enterprise value; thus major fundamental change is required to avoid corporate failure. Our structured holistic turnaround approach is collaborative and outcome-focused. It involves an assessment of the business’s current position, and the development of a refocused growth strategy linked to an action plan, which we implement in collaboration with the business.

Sourcing capital and transaction management

Stylequity enhances enterprise value through focused strategic implementation, which includes maximising the funding mix of the business. We source debt and “smart capital” locally and abroad. Our collaborative approach prepares businesses to be capital, succession and transaction ready, by articulating and creating the funding, investment, wealth transfer, or retention business proposition. We oversee the transaction from promotion, negotiation, data collection and modelling. We facilitate the term sheet agreement and  legal documentation through to exchange. 

Enhancing productivity

Stylequity enables businesses to improve productivity by focusing on the actual loss and waste in a business. Stylequity’s multi-focused approach leads to clients improving commercial efficiency leading to an increase in revenue, contribution margin and net margin, and overall enterprise value. Our approach is about ” sweating” assets, generating the desired returns to shareholders as well as equipping people with the key skills and knowledge to ensure sustainability in implementing best practice activities for long-term uplift.

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Stylequity does not provide securities advice to or deal in securities for clients. Stylequity is a business facilitator who assists clients in their business alignments, structures or systems to optimise or improve client returns. In circumstances where a securities licence may be required for part or the whole of any engagement, Stylequity will, with the consent of its client, draw on its wide network of associations to obtain the appropriate authorisation from, or engage, a duly licensed Australian Financial Services Licensee for the required function to be carried out. Stylequity helps businesses prepare for transactions (funding, merger and acquisition or exit), the articulation and creation of funding or investment and business proposition. We understand the value range; prepare the deal structure and promotional material (financial modelling, teasers and information memoranda). We source and select the opportunity per the agreed strategic action plan. We oversee and assist the transaction; from negotiation preparation, data warehouse collation, negotiation, term sheet agreement to legal documentation, management and exchange.